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Patrola/Šlapeto web page guide

Dear visitor, if you love the city of Prague, if you enjoy old songs about stunning parts of Prague, it’s beautifull girls, good Czech beer and tasty food; if you look back with nostalgia to the times of Franze Kafka, Karel Capek or Karel Hasler, you are in the right place.

The following will briefly explain to you the merry web pages of old Prague band Patrola/Slapeto, which for years now has been dutifully restoring the most famous pub songs of the past centuries with emphasis on the genius of the Czech song composer, Mr Karel Hasler.
The pages are fairly self explanatory – you will easily find out where and how to download photos and audio and video clips; where will the next Patrola/Slapeto concert take place and how to book the band for a gig.
But before all that, a short introduction.

In The Beginning There Was Beer.

A golden, frothy beverage, drafted during the turn of nineteenth century in Prague’s pubs and taverns for both regular guests and those who drifted in by chance. It was an interesting coming together of unusual characters in places like these, the good soldier Schweik met Jaroslav Hašek, Franz Kafka, Karel Hašler, Eduard Bass, Karel Čapek and others. It was there, the Czech cultural scene of Prague mingled with the German and the Jewish culture. Of course there where lots of political discussions; for and against the Habsburg Empire, and the foundation of a new state. But the important, the most important thing was the music. At first the sound of the accordeon was heard, then violin and bass joined in, the guitar followed. Everybody knew a song about beer or about prostitutes or perhaps about an unrequited love. Others complemented the cheerful atmosphere with songs such as the „Žižkover Workers Song“. And when was closing time? At dawn, when the first restaurant opened again. There, they had a place to continue, after the plump pub waitresses regretfully asked them to leave. For you this must sound like a fairy tale. You don´t believe it? Well, there are two possibilities for you to find out the truth: one is to buy a CD from us, the other is to see one of our concerts.
Patrola/Šlapeto is an original, strictly acoustic ensemble of old Prague. Only through us will you receive an authetic taste of the Magical world of Prague pubs, taverns and cabarets. Just for you we bring to life the interesting characters of old Prague: craftsmen, cheats and bums, and with them old tunes of the accordeon, bass, violin and guitar. Then you might be convinced: Prague is Patrola/Šlapeto and Patrola/Šlapeto is Prague. Patrola/Šlapeto makes it possible for Prague to come closer to you.

And now the guide through our merry pages:
Under each Czech page name you will see it‘s English equivalent together with a hyperlink. And then you are just a click away from where you need to be.

Hlavní stránka = Home page

The "shop window" of the our web pages.

Aktuálně = News

Latest news and rumours regarding the band.

Kniha návštěv = Message board

You can leave a message for us here.

Koncerty = Tour

Current list of Patrola/Šlapeto concert dates.

Foto = Gallery

Nearly 200 photos of the band. Can be downloaded and freely copied.

Video = Video

Videoclips from diferent Patrola/Šlapeto TV show apperances.

CD = Discography

An overview and samples of our several recorded albums.

Napsali o nás = Press room

What the journalists wrote and are writting about us.

Pro pořadatele = Promoter’s page

If you are interested in booking our band, here you will find and up-to-date contract sample, stage plan, repertoire and a band CV.

Kontakt = Contact

Band manager’s contact details.


English web page guide.


German web page guide.